The Hazat

Hot-blooded and intense, the martial Hazat know how to field an army but are also no strangers to intrigue. When they can calm the vicious infighting from family to family, they can present a formidable front against rivals from other houses. Left with less land after the wars than they began with, they now pursue a campaign against a barbarian world, seeking new lands outside of the Empire. Hazat vassals are loyal, for they know that sacrifices for their lords are often rewarded.

The Hazat have enough troubles of their own that the death of Count Ruza al-Malik is almost inconsequential. For decades, the Hazat have been trying to wrest control of the planet Hira from the barbarian Kurgan Caliphate. But Imperial lenience toward the Hazat campaign on Hira is fading, and many in Emperor Alexius’ court mutter that it is time for the Hazat to step aside and let one of the other houses take over the war effort.

But the new heir to Count Ruza’s holdings inherits powerful Imperial influence along with the title to the Count of Ascalon. If the heir, as Lord Warden of Criticorum, could be convinced to throw influence behind continued Hazat control of Hira, it might give the Hazat the time they need to finally complete their conquest of that world.

Scions of House Hazat, and their Retainers


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The Hazat

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