House Li Halan

This pious and disciplined family was once the worst behaved of all nobles. Their immoral exploits are legendary, as is the tale of their overnight conversion to the Church. They now pursue the scriptures as fanatically as they once chased pleasure. While other nobles may snicker at the faithful lords, they more often fear the Li Halan, for this family has proved implacable on both the battlefield and at court. Their vassals are fiercely loyal, for they know their place as vassals in the Pancreator’s plan.

Friendship, too, is greatly valued by the Li Halan, and the friendship between Baron Temur Ashumane Li Halan and Count Ruza al-Malik has been an exemplar of loyalty for the younger members of House Li Halan for almost two generations. Their exploits as comrades-in-arms during the Symbiot Wars were even made into a popular magic lantern show on the Li Halan world Kish. So it was no great surprise to either family when the two men began to consider a union between the two families in the form of Count Ruza’s youngest child and one of Baron Temur’s grandchildren.

Baron Temur is horrified and outraged by the murder of Count Ruza’s. He has sent two of his kinsmen from Kish to Criticorum to honor Count Ruza’s life, and to avenge his murder.

Scions of House Li Halan, and their Retainers


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House Li Halan

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