Church of the Celestial Sun

Although the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun may present a unified front for the faithful of the Known Worlds, its cathedrals are rife with sectarianism. While the Patriarch has rule over all aspects of the Church, it is often difficult to manage the actions of priests the universe over. Many sects and orders have arisen, powerful enough to earn official status from a reluctant Orthodoxy. Even more heresies have arisen, forcing the Patriarch to spend his time hunting heretics rather than unifying the present sects.

A priest’s life is often a trying one: If it’s not local disasters or famines he must try to relieve, it’s occult threats to the faith, from demon possessions, zombie plagues or malicious psychics. Church magical rites are quite effective, regardless of whether they are considered merely a form of psychic power by the more skeptical.

The five major sects/orders ordained by the Church are:

Istakrian Nights

Church of the Celestial Sun

Five Thousand and One Nights elaewin